Art Prints

Commissioned Linocut
Solo Portraits

Handprinted solo portraiture that brings out your identity/personality

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Commissioned Linocut
Couple/Group Portraits

Handprinted couple/group portraiture that memorialize the relationships you love

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$90 onwards

Nature in the Works, 2020

Incorporating the artist’s inclination towards the decorative arts, the artwork is a decorative piece that plays with compositions inspired by Art Nouveau motifs and the interconnections of nature and the human-made.

Relief ink on textured fine art paper, 185gsm

Deckled edges
Paper Size 257mmW x 364mmH
Print Area 200mmW x 300mmH

Titled and signed
Open Edition

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Quietude, 2020

‘Quietude’ is created out of the longing to slow down and go inward. Taking the decorative arts as an inspiration for motifs, the art piece creates a scene of someone being at rest surrounded by life, striving to bring a reminder on slowing down.

Relief ink on textured fine art paper, 250gsm

Deckled edges
Paper Size 190mmW x 280mmH
Print Area 100mmW x 150mmH

Titled and signed
Open Edition

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Today’s Animal is… The Crane (2022)

Part of The Natural World Series sparked by the amount of time spent drawing animals in the classroom as an art facilitator, this piece is carved for the undying curiosity for the animal kingdom and in this case, the love for birds.

Relief ink on fine art paper, 300gsm

Deckled edges
Paper Size 240mmW x 300mmH
Print Area 180mmW x 210mmH

Titled and signed
Edition of 15

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Untitled – Year of the Dragon Print (2024)

Taking inspiration from the Chinese tradition of paper-cutting, this piece speaks for itself and wishes you a very prosperous year ahead.

Variable Edition 1 – Relief ink on Chinese rice paper, 30gsm
Paper Size (Varies)
Print Area 90mmW x 95mmH

Variable Edition 2 – Relief ink on fine art paper, 250gsm
Paper Size 105mmW x 105mmH
Print Area 90mmW x 95mmH

Deckled edges, frame not included
Edition of 8 for each variation

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Small Art Prints and Books

Linocut Bookmarks

Reading is a process.

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$2.5 each

Bluff Mfg. Co x WL.artcraft Paisley T-Shirt

A collaborative project with local streetwear tee brand, taking the classic paisley design as subject matter and reimagining how it is typically applied in streetwear history.

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A Little History of Print

A miniature book that illustrates a brief history of print. All editions are printed and assembled by hand.

For Ref Only

Window of Meanings, 2020

One in the series of Art Nouveau-inspired windows as a gift to friends as a form of appreciation.

Not for Sale

Rajasthani Vases, 2019

Inspired by the sights and architecture on a trip to a couple of cities in Rajasthan, this piece is an homage to India’s rich handicraft culture.

Not for Sale

Due to their handprinted nature, all art pieces are 1-of-a-kind and differ slightly in terms of print outcome. All editioned art prints are given out in sequential manner. Prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD), exclusive of postage.

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